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From Ann Salinger - Systems Analyst

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Selwyn, I am certain that someday the world will discover your amazing work and marvel at the creativity and beauty you have constructed. I hope you are alive when that happens, because I do not know how you get from this step to that or when it will happen. I am only happy that I am one of the few people who can say "thank you" to the artist himself. Once your work is out I think people will be thanking you for generations. I hope in my small voice you will be able to hear echoes of their thanks too.


Oh, and on the subject of marketing...

By "fine art" I was referring to the drawings specific to your teaching method, not the body of your creative work. The original paintings of the visual mnemonics you use to teach keys, for example, will become quite collectible once your program is in the public arena--much as Disney's pictures of Mickey Mouse are collected.


The only vision an agent needs is of the dollars he/she can earn by marketing your brilliant product. Ann

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